Being comfortable with yourself.

We are busy, operate much more like machines, days go by quickly, and we rarely have enough time to be alone and think because we’re often looking at our small, medium, big — you name it — screen. When was the last time you were alone, sat down and thought about what’s really happening in your life? You aren’t alone. Technology, short-term goals, and “being busy” are driving our life more often than not nowadays; rarely the opposite.

I must admit I’ve been guilty of this lifestyle as well until I realized life isn’t a sprint, but a marathon and I believe I know something about marathons having run a few of them. Let’s switch this and not let busyness block who we are, what we do, how and why we do it. I’ve got to a point where reflection has become much more relevant in my life. I take breaks in between work and actually sit on my sofa without any devices to think, self-reflect and give my brain a more needed rest than ever before.

I’ve learned to be comfortable and happy with who I am, what I stand for, and where I’m heading to — slowly but surely. Being comfortable with myself has been changing in a progressive and positive manner as years go by. I remember being in college taking full credits, working full-time, training for full marathons and hanging out with friends all the time — part of being busy and avoiding, in a non-conscious way, what’s truly important in life: to stop, reflect and be skeptical about life.

Learn to understand, accept and be happy about uncontrollable situations — stressing out and being sad won’t cure what’s out of your hands. Nobody gives a fcuk about your feelings anyways. Understand that. Learn to be uncomfortable. Things like emotional feelings, physical pain, mental breakouts, daily complains should be things of the past. You’ve got to look beyond them and realize there’s a world out there to see and explore, incredible people you’ve yet to meet, and most importantly, there’s faith and destiny, and I believe hard, smart and continuous work will eventually get you there.

What have you learned in the last year? Do share please.

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