Embrace your past

That’s who you’re not anymore, but that’s what made you who you’re today. Lessons learned, shitty experiences that made you grow up faster, memories that will never come back, people who showed up and taught you invaluable aspects of life and relationships. These all add up to the person you are now.

Embrace your past. Don’t be afraid to mention what you’ve gone through and share them with others. Perhaps these other people also need to hear something similar before they can possibly open up to you as well. We all need confidence to tell our stories because people are judgmental. They judge because they haven’t gone through tough moments and have lived an easier life than you have.

There are things that don’t come back. One of them being our past. We can’t control our past anymore. That’s the reason it’s called past. However, we have total control of our present and future. Do as you wish, but do it in a way that when you look back you won’t regret any second, minute or hour of it.

People who love you should accept you for who you’re now, not for who you were in your past and what you did or didn’t do.

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