It’s ok not to know

When we compare ourselves to other, we more often than not end up doing ourselves an injustice.

We look at politicians who look like they know everything from top to bottom, are aware of world issues, and are well-versed publicly. We look at engineers who look like they knew they’ve always wanted to become engineers and were born experts in their field. We look at artists who look like they can come up with unique pieces in fraction of seconds. You get the juice of it.

Most people will never understand and know how much work these guys put in to get where they’re at.

Most people are nothing like the examples above.

Most people don’t know what life has prepared for them and guess what. It’s completely okay not to know everything. It’s okay not to know where your life and career will lead you to.

It’s just fine not to be an entrepreneur just because entrepreneurship is the new cool thing.

99% of the population will not find their true passion and career path until later in life and guess what. That’s completely okay!

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