What’s there to fear

Have you ever lost your wallet? How about your smartphone? What about your backpack, keys, or a valuable item? You probably nodded at least one time. How did it feel? Probably sucked, correct? I’ve also been there and done that. The good side of losing these is that they’re all recoverable. You can buy a new wallet (get new documentation, cards, and whatever you have in there); you can purchase a new smartphone and a new backpack, replace your keys or whatever you’ve lost.

Now. Have you lost your health, feeling like you’d die soon; broken a bone knowing it’ll never be the same; lost your job? How did they feel? Probably worst that the above ones, correct? What I’m trying to say is that it’s odd how, as human beings, we need to lose things to start valuing them accordingly because we’ve taken most things for granted just because we know what they are and where they should be, but haven’t given them the right value in our daily life.

I wake up most days thinking what’s the worst that can happen to me in a given day, place, situation, and time, and come to an agreement that whatever happens I will most likely know life will be fine and keep going. That most things are replaceable. This mindset also reminds me to be grateful and appreciative of what I have: family, friends, a job, motivation and goals, philosophy, and the most important of all, health.

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