Being you

Being you is being unique.Being you is being different.Being you is being self-aware.Being you is knowing yourself.Being you is not copying someone else.Being you is to try becoming the best version of yourself.Being you is the most special thing you can feel and express.Being you is not caring what others think about you and your … Continue reading Being you

Info overload

How much information, knowledge, and data can the human brain absorb and remember before being exhausted on a daily basis? How can we absorb and remember more and better information before this happens, if it does? I’m sure there are techniques and methodologies to train the human brain and its memory palace to be more … Continue reading Info overload

Always why

Ask why one time,Ask why a second time,Ask why a third time. You will surprisingly find out that by the third why people run out of explanations/excuses. At the same time, it’s kinda pathetic to reach the third why, unless highly needed.