If you want to become proficient at something, you have to put in the time and effort when you’re learning something new. It doesn’t get any easier. Your practice will show when the moment of true comes whether it’s in sports, a college evaluation, or at your workplace.

I recently purchased a new table tennis paddle and the control and bounce are non-expected. Most of the usual hits that would normally hit the table would go out. I’m still getting used to the new paddle, so I’ve taken more time to practice my forehand and backhand now. It’s like being a toddler learning how to walk . It’d take many falls and fails until I can hit it with the right precision, spin, and control, so the ball touches the table.

That’s the glory moment for any beginner learning something new, when you get proficient at doing it. For me, it’ll be touching the table every single time. What about for you?

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