Say what you mean

I remember back in the days when I’d hold back on thoughts and feelings because I didn’t want to hurt people, especially loved ones. I’d try not to argue, fight back, or express how I truly feel. The more I did this, the worse I felt in relationships — I’d feel I left something hanging, I’d feel I wasn’t true to myself. I just wanted people to feel happy around my presence. I didn’t have a strong filter in place, either for people, work, or activities.

I believe this happens when we are young and naive. We are friends of everybody. We try to please too many people but ourselves.

This eventually changes as we grow older. Our bullshit detector is more refined and we express thoughts and feelings more easily. We have less friends, but better ones; we make better decisions on what we truly want; and we, hopefully, enjoy life more.

Express what you think and how you feel for those who don’t care won’t care anyways.

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