I’ve been thinking about options lately. I think about work opportunities, technological changes and decisions, family and relationships, eating and healthy lifestyles, and everyday life choices, among others.

Interestingly, there’s something that keeps popping up: all of these options are binary. I can’t have both because life is about making decisions, compromising and giving our all to whatever we decide to pursue.

With a world full of alternatives, I will undoubtedly run into opportunity costs. I will miss out on something regardless of my decision. But I don’t see this as something negative. We live and we learn, hopefully.

Thinking about opportunity cost is living either in the past or in the future, but never in the present moment. The constant, “what if…”, could hunt us for life if we don’t make peace with our inner self about the decisions we take.

Decisions are usually made with whatever information we had at hand at that specific moment. We will see how these affect our lives in the future. If they are negative, we should take them as learning experiences. If they are positive, we should congratulate ourselves on having taken such a good decision.

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