Routines and side projects

For many years I worked six days a week, so that I can take a day off to go out and enjoy time with friends. There were also weeks and months I worked seven days a week non-stop, but I always made sure to take some time off – an hour or two per day – and avoid burning out.

That was my personal philosophy: work six days, take a day off.

I learned this from my parents who worked seven days a week for years.

Working six days a week were both fun and hard. I definitely enjoyed this time.

I learned a lot, although I ended up burning out.
I learned what works and what doesn’t work for me.
I learned new philosophies and practiced them on a daily basis.
I learned to enjoy reading and read more books than ever before.
I learned to code and changed careers – tough but completely worth it.
I learned how to run a business, but most importantly, how not to run a business.
I learned to appreciate sleep more than ever, which I rarely did during the first quarter of my life.
I learned that resting more and better meant running better and therefore getting injured much less.

I learned an endless amount of things. But that’s all in the past.

It seems like I rarely get to have time to work on side projects, learn new topics, or read much these days. Although my side projects didn’t get far, they were my source of daily inspiration and learning. I always looked forward to them after work.

Experimenting with side projects satisfied a part of my brain that is constantly craving to learn and go deeper in a specific topic or idea. Side projects were perfect to satisfy my curious mind, letting it be free and enjoy itself with endless adventures. They had the right amount of struggle to keep me growing in every aspect. They made me happy even when they went nowhere.

I miss working on them. I miss experimenting. I miss having the time for them.

I know it’s a matter of prioritizing. One part of me feels like I’m in this constant and never-ending battle with time, which I know I won’t win if I don’t prioritize. Or regardless of it.

One day I will come back and stick to a routine that works with my new schedule and responsibilities.

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