Read what you enjoy

Trying to read every day is difficult, but still, I try to read either 10-15 minutes or 10-15 pages per day.

Reading just as any other habit is developed over time.

The more we read, the faster we read, the more we [hopefully] absorb, the more we learn, and the more knowledge we have.

First of all, try looking for books that you are genuinely interested in – sports, biography, science, educational, research-based, technical. You name it. This is important because if you read something you enjoy, you will try doing it more often and time will feel like a breeze.

We shouldn’t go with what’s popular out there because we all have different tastes. One thing we can all do is request suggestions from friends or strangers (Twitter?), read books’ synopsis, and choose genuinely and accordingly. This is our chance to pick a book we like, a topic we are interested in. In fact, we can choose to read many books simultaneously depending on our mood and energy level.

Some of us don’t read enough because we were educated by a system that imposed certain books and topics for us to read and memorize facts, so we can pass a test or class. But I bet professors didn’t often stop to think whether students would like the book, its the narrative, length, examples, images, and so many other things that were probably overlooked.

This is our time to make it up, for ourselves.

We have the power to pick any book we like and start enjoying reading like we have never before.

Happy picking and happy reading!

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