Adapting to the game (soccer)

I’ve stopped running long distances after my last half marathon in July this year and have thrown myself into playing soccer full time.

Soccer is something I’ve loved ever since I was a kid.

Although I stopped playing it competitively when I came to the US, I never stopped following and loving the sport.

Playing soccer is a unique feeling. Words can describe it. The feeling of passing or kicking a ball and it landing where you want it to land. The fearless competition against good and great players and teams. The camaraderie that comes with being in a team.

There is little to nothing I don’t love about playing soccer.

Having said this, playing it at a competitive level requires a whole change of training exercises and mindset. Exercises need to target the core and lower body areas since balancing, pushing/pulling and reacting are key in the sport.

It’s taken a few months for me to get back to being decent at playing, but I’m feeling it now.

I feel stronger, faster and more competitive than ever before.

Who would’ve thought I’d be back at this stage of my life?

Never say never.


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