You changed

Think of the city in which you grew up… you’ve probably left your hometown and visited a few times, every now and then. Have you realized how little it’s changed since you left? People at your hometown are almost the same, doing the usual stuff — working, hobbies, outings, getting married and raising children. But you, you … Continue reading You changed


We’re constantly making adjustments in our life, and our body goes through changes, transition periods, in which it’s bended — call it stressed, so it can develop new habits. When you travel from one continent or time zone to a very different one, your body clock needs to adjust. It might take several days, if not weeks, … Continue reading Adjustments

Constantly changing

Sometimes I wonder if we will ever stop changing, if I will ever stop changing in this constant look for better things in life: better happiness, better health, better friends and family relationships, better and wiser knowledge, better traveling experiences, better jobs, better skills, better loving relationships, better kisses/hugs/sex, better interactions… This list goes on … Continue reading Constantly changing