Not over

Why would someone think his or her life or career is over at age 30… 40… 50… 60… or even 70? Excluding health reasons. Why would you think that you’re stuck with a career, relationship, or mental state once you are into it for XYZ amount of time? That you can’t change because it’s too risky, even when you’re not hundred percent happy and satisfied with it.

I think it’s a lot riskier to stay at a position that doesn’t truly make you feel who you are or to not be doing what your life’s call is. That’s way riskier. Life as a whole isn’t over until you decide to give up. Sure it’s risky, but isn’t that what life is about — taking strategic risks?

I think of people like Sam Walton or Jack Ma, people who made something great out of little at a later stage in life. This makes me feel energized to go for more, to think there’s always an opportunity out there waiting. We just have to work hard and smart to see, understand the spectrum of it and ride with it.

Life isn’t over until you stop trying. Life is over only when you give up or when you die. Until then, reinvent yourself and embrace every opportunity you have.

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