Constantly changing

Sometimes I wonder if we will ever stop changing, if I will ever stop changing in this constant look for better things in life: better happiness, better health, better friends and family relationships, better and wiser knowledge, better traveling experiences, better jobs, better skills, better loving relationships, better kisses/hugs/sex, better interactions…

This list goes on and on.

I wonder if you’ll still be there for me when I keep changing, when one day I decide something isn’t useful anymore and I want to make a change for the better. To be honest, I’m usually skeptical of staying in the comfort zone. It’s too easy. We can be so comfortable that we spend the rest of our life doing nothing but that of what you already know. Why not change? Life is a pool of infinite opportunities you create for yourself.

I personally don’t see changes as something bad, but I know some people do. I know for fact that we humans are reluctant and very afraid of changes. The older we get, the more afraid we are of changes.

We get used to how things work because we don’t dream enough of how things could. Mainly because we haven’t explored our imagination to the point where we get inspired to leave our dent in the universe.

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