We’ve got used to writing pieces of thoughts. Here and there. Whatever comes out of our mind first, we type it and hit send. No analyzing, no proofreading, no paraphrasing or summarizing. Just hit send. What a poor habit. We don’t allow our thoughts to be fully formed before sending them away. It’s like the … Continue reading Hey

You changed

Think of the city in which you grew up… you’ve probably left your hometown and visited a few times, every now and then. Have you realized how little it’s changed since you left? People at your hometown are almost the same, doing the usual stuff — working, hobbies, outings, getting married and raising children. But you, you … Continue reading You changed

Was it meant to be?

I wonder if it was ever meant to be, mainly because it was too good to be true. I wonder what’s really meant to be and what’s ephemeral, purposely to not be illusional. I wonder what’s the lesson behind and why, simply because I care to know and learn. I wonder if it could’ve been different and how, just because the story could’ve had a happier ending. I keep wondering what could’ve been … Continue reading Was it meant to be?