Stop doing this and live happily

As human beings, we’re all unique. We have our strengths and weaknesses for better or worse. Our personality make us who we truly are. But most people keep comparing their young self with others who’ve lived for longer time, gone through different life situations and walked different paths than them. If you’re someone who’s doing … Continue reading Stop doing this and live happily

What is more painful?

A friend and I were recently chatting during our commute and an interesting question came up: what’s more painful, emotional pain or physical pain? Although I quickly replied with what I thought and feel about both, this question had me thinking for the past few days. In the most Stoic side of me, I sort … Continue reading What is more painful?

Control your mind.

Epitectus.Friends, partners, and family members will eventually leave you. Material objects come and go. Emotions are momentarily. But what’s forever with you are your thoughts — the way you think. When you can control what and how you think not letting external factors affect or control you, then you’ve won over your mind. Stoics emphasize the importance … Continue reading Control your mind.