Should your life be your work or your work be your life? Some people don’t have any sense or understanding that work isn’t life. We were never created to let our work be our life. Not now, not in a million years.

Obviously, most people find a life purpose and meaning through work, but there is a significant difference from there to having work taking over your life. As human beings, we need to learn how and when to separate these two concerns.

We’re a product of our life, of what we do around it — our hobbies, our interactions with friends and family, our thoughts, actions and belief, yet never a product of our work, not even if you create the most brilliant invention of the century. Well, at that point you can purposely say that your work is you, but until then, keep living life and not letting your work interfere with your life.

We have many jobs throughout our life, but only one life throughout our lifetime. So, ask yourself: should your life be your work or your work be your life?

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