Switch it off

For better or worse, I treat life as an experiment. I’m constantly trying new things, exploring new ideas, balancing between the extremes — breaking here and repairing there. I’ve gone through a wide range of trial and error periods. For example, taking only cold showers, meditating or doing yoga on a daily basis, sleeping with no pillows, going phone-silent for months, and several more.

Some of these I’ve kept and others have gone back to their natural state.

The latest experiment has been to switch off all of my applications’ automatic updates. Because let’s be honest. Who needs version 1.1.0 or 1.1.3 of an application? Unless it makes a real and valuable difference in my life, I’m not updating that damn app.

I do this because I want to be in control of what gets updated on my phone.

I want to see a valuable impact like fixing a bug to make my experience much more enjoyable and better, or adding, improving, or removing a feature that’s either necessary or was useless.

Other than that, you’ll have to make the application crash lots of time before I’m updating to its next version.

By the way, experimental phase for this case ended a long time and I’m keeping the switch off 😄

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