Down the line

Most beginnings are interesting, exciting, and motivational. Yet we know they all come to an end eventually.

What are beginnings anyways?

They’re simply a new opportunity life provides to do things the right way — if you screwed up the last time. Beginnings are ways to experiment new ideas and paths, they allow us to use previous experiences in a better shape and form.

The biggest pain in these cases is the honeymoon period.
• How long does a new beginning’s excitement last for?
• How can we get rid of the honeymoon period?
• How can we make it so we’re more realistic about what we’re getting into?
• How can we nurture this beginning to be interesting for the long term?

All big questions that don’t necessarily have answers yet.

Every time I’m about to get into something new nowadays, I make sure I’m thinking ahead of these situations whether it’s for a new job, career path, business project, relationship, or material purchase.

What would it feel to be in this [add case] five, ten or twenty years from now?

I’m curious on how your thinking process looks like when you’re about to begin something new? Share if you don’t mind 🙂

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