I persevere, I also quit

Most of my friends know I can be the most consistent, disciplined and resilient person in their circle of friends. But only my closest friends know that when I lose interest in something, be it a particular subject, sport, relationship, or game, I don’t beat around the bush before deciding to quit it altogether.

I’ve done this with one special thing that was my life purpose and what ultimately shaped my personality, mentality, and psychology during my childhood: soccer.

I played for over 10 years, then thought and decided that life had more to offer far away from soccer. Soccer is and will always be my first love though.

Anyways, I’ve done the same with other things that at a given time were very comforting and enjoyable such as video games (Counter-Strike and Runescape), skating, as well as relationships.

Once I’d reached top-level or when I don’t see a meaningful connection anymore –something that keeps me going and trying to be better, then that’s when I decide to make the call and quit.

Rarely will I ever go back to any of them and treat them like they once were. Not because I’m resentful or don’t think they’re useful or meaningful, but because it was a great time and taught me what it needed to teach me. So, I decided to move on and work for a bigger purpose in life.

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