The beauty of books

Writing and reading have slowly become my favorite sources of shouting out information, thoughts, and opinions and absorbing knowledge and experiences. A book is a wonderful resource for any time — I usually carry my Kindle to almost everywhere I go because it’s just convenient. It just makes reading fun and simple without the added-weight of books.

Some might say physical books are the best because it’s old school and they like flipping through real and smelly old-yellowish pages. I don’t disagree. It’s like a drug — once you get a little, you slowly become hooked on it.

Anyways, a book is wonderful because you can carry and absorb wisdom, knowledge and expertise from ancient emperors and very well-known scientists to top investors and other world’s brilliant minds with you everywhere. These were/are people who lived through tough and invaluable experiences that we might never live through.

A book is also wonderful because nobody gives a fuck about it.

Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re carrying a smartphone… everybody will be looking at what brand and model it is and what you’re browsing through, whereas when you’re carrying a book nobody will double-take on you.

If you ever leave your smartphone on a table for 5 minutes it’ll be gone for sure, while if you ever leave your book on the same table for hours or days it might still be there when you remember to go get it.

I didn’t grow up reading many books, but I’ve developed a habit of reading because I never want to stop growing up as a person and as a professional.

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