Correlation vs Causation

“Don’t confuse correlation with causation” – Dr. Genichi Taguchi

I recently picked up and started reading Demand-Side Sales 101 by Bob Moesta. I have never been a sales guy and part of me dislike sales to an extend because it always feels pushy. But sales as a trade and skills is an essential part of life. We all got to sell something at some point of our life – either a product or a service. Or in other words, us and our work. So we better learn to do so.

To the point, this line between correlation vs causation has been the eye-opener so far.

Correlation is surface knowledge and causation is truth.

The former is similar to knowing a concept, while the latter is digging, experimenting, and experiencing a given concept and its intricacies. How can we get to the truth? I think asking repeatedly why to dig deeper into the problem at hand. Listening more and talking less to understand the problem before jumping to conclusions. And understanding approaches and frameworks, or mindsets.

I will report back with more findings soon!

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