A trip around the sun

The past week was spent celebrating my birthday. It surprisingly lasted the whole week. And I had the most precious people celebrating it with me.

I’m thankful for that.

This year I missed spending my birthday around other good friends that have left the Bay Area or my life in general.

Turning around the sun one more time is always a good reminder of many things:

  • To keep living life to the fullest
  • To not be afraid of making mistakes, accepting that you messed up, and taking full responsibility and learning from them
  • To understand that failing is just a step further in the process to get to where you want
  • To keep enjoying life with your people.

Because life is short and definitely better together. 

 This birthday was different, as most of this year been too.

Not weird, just different.

During my previous birthdays, I would spend it somewhere else. More often than not, I would travel to a new country, but this one felt calmer and gave me the perspective that spending it at home can also be fun and joyful.

I got time to reflect on the past decade – this is always scary because looking back fucks up our neck. But it is necessary. I spent time thinking about where I have been, what I have learned, the friendships I have made along the way, the people that are no longer in my life, and the long path I took to get to where I am and to be who I am.

It has not been an easy or straightforward path, but it’s been enjoyable and worth it when thinking back and connecting the dots.

Thinking about the future excites me. Thinking about what I still want out of life, who I still want to become, and where I want to go in life, relationships, family, and in my career. This all makes me look forward to day-to-day life.

Because I’m not there yet…

The best is yet to come.

Cheers to living a life worth remembering! 

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