Before it gets bad

A recent conversation with my doctor sparkled a forgotten thought from the times when I used to play football/soccer (where there is more contact) or now that I run long-distance races. Knowing the difference between treating versus preventing an injury, which seems like a no-brainer for anyone involved in sports.

I’ve probably taken the prevention part for granted since I’ve not had any broken bones or career-ending injuries, and have been doing prevention work by default for years. But as some say, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

So be proactive taking care of yourself before you’re forced to. A simple example is when we are thirsty and reach for water or your liquid of preference. We should be drinking water regularly (prevention) rather than drinking water when we are thirsty (treatment).

Anyway, just a friendly reminder that it takes more effort to treat the pain than to prevent it. And it takes more time to come back when you have injured yourself. You might also never come back as strong or confident in your abilities and skills as you were before getting injured.

This applies to all parts of our life: body, mind, relationships, investments, business, et al.

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