A veces olvido…

A veces me olvido,
de tu sonrisa,
de tu risa,
del sonido de tus carcajadas. 

A veces me olvido,
del color de tus ojos,
de tus ojos brillantes,
de la forma de tus ojos cuando ríes.
 A veces me olvido,
del color de tu cabello,
del olor de tu cuerpo,
del sabor de tus labios.
 A veces me olvido,
de tu rostro,
de tu cuerpo,
de tu … Continue reading A veces olvido…

The night before

The night before long runs – be their training or actual marathons, feels similar to those days back in my hometown in Venezuela when I was twelve and used to get nervous and excited at the same time before my Saturday soccer matches. I wouldn’t be able to sleep until too late in the morning. … Continue reading The night before

The Power of Philosophy

I stumbled upon this blog post during my Sunday email power-hour reading today.   It describes three Japanese philosophies: Chisoku: learning to be content with what you have versus wanting more.Wabi-Sabi: finding beauty in imperfection.Mitate: every object has more than one purpose. I enjoy reading, learning, and applying philosophies from different cultures. Especially, Roman and Japanese philosophy … Continue reading The Power of Philosophy

Repetition, iteration, and progress

There is something magical behind these three stages: repetition, iteration, and progress. Most of us want to progress in our life, but rarely want to deal with the boring parts – repetition and iteration. But they are all intertwined. We can't have progress if we don't repeatedly work on what we want to make progress on. A project … Continue reading Repetition, iteration, and progress