Riding solo

Being solo.Traveling by myself.Doing things on my own.Running fast and far alone.Being independent from most things. I guess this is the middle child mentality and personality I’ve developed over the years and have strengthen after moving out for college and starting my professional career. I enjoy doing things by myself, but also sharing experiences with … Continue reading Riding solo

Learning to stop

Sometimes learning to say no and learning to stop doing something is the most difficult thing in life. We say yes too often or keep doing stuff that hurts us. We keep doing things that aren’t even on par with our principles and values, what we stand for. Why do we do this when we … Continue reading Learning to stop

Was it meant to be?

I wonder if it was ever meant to be, mainly because it was too good to be true. I wonder what’s really meant to be and what’s ephemeral, purposely to not be illusional. I wonder what’s the lesson behind and why, simply because I care to know and learn. I wonder if it could’ve been different and how, just because the story could’ve had a happier ending. I keep wondering what could’ve been … Continue reading Was it meant to be?