Compared to what?

We’re always comparing and judging even when we think we aren’t. There isn’t a moment we aren’t comparing people, experiences or situations. There are no judgment-free zones or thoughts even when we think there are.

We’re often seeing the grass greener across the street.

We compare people with other people when nobody is or will ever be the same, we compare experiences with other experiences when they’re very different from each other, we judge situations with situations that occured sometime in our past.

Have you thought if this is even helping you? How about others — the people you’re comparing (this includes yourself)?

I wonder if any of these comparisons or judgments are beneficial to our well-being. Needless to say to others’.

In the end, most people still care more about what other people have to say and think of their lifestyle, careers, hobbies, friends, family, relationships, and success than building their own thoughts and experiences about all these.

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