What is more important?

If you were able to choose between being liked versus being respected, which one would you choose? You can only choose one. I think the more mature we get, the less we pay attention to being liked by everybody around us. We care less because we appreciate more the people who are there for and … Continue reading What is more important?

Ending is beginning

That’s what most people say to comfort themselves (or someone else). How true is this? We suffer with endings and we rarely want this to happen, but truth be told, good and bad things will eventually reach an end. Actually, everything has an end. Friendships, loving relationship, life and work projects, college, travels, honeymoon periods… … Continue reading Ending is beginning

Show it

Wonder why we never say what and how we feel when we do feel everything. At the moment. Often we end up keeping it all for ourselves — emotions, feelings, happiness, sadness, words, actions. All. We can’t let our ego go and emotions flow because it’s too much to demonstrate at once. How about we try it once? Try it … Continue reading Show it